Xieng Khuan : With our thoughts we make the world – Buddha

Xieng Khuan – Buddha park

Buddha Park counts around 200 concrete Buddhist and Hindu Buddha sculptures.  Xieng Khuan Buddha Park is located on the outskirts of Vientiane, some 25 km away from the capital city, just off the Thai border.

Although I have heard mixed appreciations about this park, we really enjoyed it. I would not say this was the most amazing place I visited in Laos. It was, however, a very mysterious and intriguing collection of sculptures which was worthwhile the visit. The ride to get there was very interesting and the park is peaceful and can be visited at any pace.  Although I would recommend making it a half day trip.

You should spend at least one hour and more to fully enjoy the wisdom this park has to offer. Each statue deserves to be seen and interpreted.

Buddhism is very important in the South of Asia. Gigantic Buddha sculptures decorate and protect sacred places and temples. This collection of sculptures is quite an alternative representation of Buddhas, very different from what I was able to see elsewhere.

We rented our scooters from our hostel. It took us almost one hour to ride to the park on the scooters although it is only 25kms away. For the reason that the road from the friendship bridge to the park is is a dirt road full of potholes, chickens crossing the road and an infinity of other rural obstacles. Furthermore, along the whole way, the Laotians were very busy working on the road, their houses, their fields…

This is my driver and friend equipped with our rented scooter and identic pink helmet.

Night market stop

On the way back from the park, we came across a pleasant night market on the right-hand side of the road. I am not quite sure about which village it was based in, but you should be able to spot the market if you pay attention driving back to Vientiane.

How to get there

  • Rent a scooter (If you can drive one and be aware that the roads are not the best quality)
  • Take the public bus
  • Day tours leave from the tourist office and hostels every day
  • Take a taxi

It could be worth visiting the park on your way to Laos or to Thailand, being that Xieng Khuan is located 6 km away from the border crossing. You should be able to negotiate a stop at the Buddha Park in your trip from or to the border.



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