A football match in Ecuador

Football in Ecuador is a sacred thing!

The heart of an Ecuadorian is owned by the team they support.

Even before you get to the stadium the energy in the streets is quite intense. The atmosphere only heats up the closer you get to the stadium and during the whole game.

Love, excitement, tears, anger, screams, and cries are all there, all at once. The atmosphere is awesome. The feeling of joy communicated by the cheers in the stadium is seriously contagious. There are moments were you cannot hear yourself think and then a sudden silence appears and you never know what’s coming, apart from the fact that that silence will be shortly broken by screams of disappointment or screams of joy.

Watching a football match with locals was such an amazing and unforgettable experience, it is electric!  When I was not watching the game, I was observing the lifestyle and activities going on around it. And there is so much going on in the stadium. People are busy speaking with each other,  eating, sharing, laughing, crying, singing, cheering, taking pictures, others are terribly concentrated, children are playing… There is nothing like being part of the spectators at the live football game. For the time of the game, all those supporting the same team become a big family, cheer together and share their snacks. Their imagination is captured by the players while they try to anticipate all the next moves.

I thought it was such a lovely cultural insight into an activity which is not as common with tourists and travelers as other things to do in Ecuador. Something you feel privileged to experience.

Go and check it out yourself!