Ho Thuy Tien Abandoned Waterpark in Hue

Ho Thuy Tien once sparkling, now decaying

You may ask yourself why people visit abandoned places. Ho Thuy Tien lake hosts an abandoned waterpark which has become an alternative tourist attraction in Hue. 

We would all question why you would abandon somewhere. The peculiarity and mystery these places hold, intrigue us. What has happened on this property?

Well, the answer in the case of Ho Thuy Tien waterpark is bankruptcy. Not so apocalyptic after all, is it?

This park was opened in 2003 although its construction was not even finished, and it had cost an astronomic 3 million dollars to build. Later, in 2011 the park closed for bankruptcy. Were there not enough visitors? Was the park too expensive to run? Or the entrance too expensive for Vietnam? The answer is most likely yes to all of these questions.

Ho Thuy Tien waterpark just outside of Hue procures urban exploration sensations. It has mystery and amazing photogenic character that does not disappoint. Enough to guarantee you with a fun outing but may deceive those searching for urbex adrenalin.

Dragon Island

The park is built around the dragon tower forming an island in the center of Ho Thuy Tien lake. This is where you will come across the most explorers. Inside you will find a building in decomposition. My favorite room was the aquarium right at the bottom. Although the top offers an amazing view over the whole park.

Ho Thuy Tien Dragon
Ho Thuy Tien’s Dragon

Magical Events

The amphitheater seemed like the most preserved spot. In fact, we had to climb over a fence to enter. Find yourself the best seat to imagine what those shows were once like.

The Thrillrider

You will also find a room with a simulator, the “Thrillrider” which you can climb into! However, I have to say I did get a bit of adrenaline from the simulator as it is holding open thanks to a stick. Be careful you do not bump it. You may stay trapped in Ho Thuy Tien waterpark forever.

The Thrillrider

How to get there?

Ho Thuy Tien waterpark is located roughly 7 km out of Hue.

To get there you can:

  • Rent a bicycle or a scooter
  • Take a taxi or a motorbike taxi
My cheerful motorbike taxi driver

How to get in?

There is a guard at the main entrance gate. When we arrived there, the guard denied our entrance. Our motorbike taxi driver did the negotiation and asked us to pay an admission fee. I suspect they split the money between the two of them, but I was just happy to enter. Because word out the park was closed to the public.

Consequently, the guard may require you tip him to let you through. Although, I  did meet a few people that said they were denied entrance even though they had tried to tip the guard.  Therefore, you should be prepared to be refused admission.

Apparently, you can enter the park at a few different points. As a result, it may be worth investigating further to see if there is another place you can enter.







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