A wander around Caddo Lake State Park

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake State Park in Uncertain, Texas was one of my favorite places that I visited in the United States. It took a long time to find out this wonderful place hidden away in Texas. However, after finding out it was only a few hours drive from where we were, we hop into the car thinking we will drive there and hop on to a boat to visit the park. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to arrive and find out that the tourist season was over. The park was all to ourselves! Well then let’s have some alligator tail for lunch and rush off to find a boat.

Unfortunately, as it happens, the boat offices close when other tourists are not around. This certainly makes it quite difficult to visit a 103km2 State Park Lake.

No one to be seen in Uncertain, after visiting a few closed tourist offices and beginning to feel uncertain about this trip, we decided to ask a local store if they knew where we could find a boat. Unexpectedly the only other person around in the whole town was doing his daily shopping. He overheard our conversation with the shop owner. He was buying snacks and wine and told us we were lucky to have arrived at that moment because 30 minutes later he would have had a glass of wine and would be unable to drive HIS BOAT.

The usually practiced prices which were if I remember right 25$/person for a 2-hour private boat ride, we were 3. Great value to discover this amazing landscape.

The adventure begins!

Away we go, deeper into the natural beauty of this weird, peculiar but magical scene: Caddo Lake, the largest cypress forest in the world and second biggest lake in the South of the United States. It has such an impressive and mysterious atmosphere. In autumn, the colors were amazing, and their reflection in the lake, even more. The Spanish moss hanging from the cypress trees give an amazing texture to the view.

You should be able to easily spot eagles, herons, tortuous and alligators and much more!