Hello World!

Travel with me.

I love to breathe. Do you?

I travel to breathe and travel to live. As one in many, I am a photographer, a campaigner, an explorer, a discoverer, a breather, a believer!

Above all, I am unique.

As well as my adventures.

I would like everybody to see they can create their own in the same way.

People I love, people I meet and complete strangers are always asking me for advice on places to travel and a portfolio of my adventures and my photographs. I am great at giving this advice, although maybe not as great as creating a blog, yet! But I am beginning my learning curve and will only get better. As will my advice.

Therefore, I have put together this blog to share my adventures through some of my photographs. Hoping to give some of you a little insight into some places you may like to visit as well. This blog is a fun way for me to communicate on some of the things I love which I think by now you have understood is: Travel & Photography.

With South African parents and Irish nationality, I grew up in France, adding to my wonderful heritage and delightful oddness. This is probably one of the great reasons I have grown to love traveling.

I see this as a new trip, into the digital world. A world I would like to discover and learn more about.

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